10 Weirdest University Degrees in the USA

Most people choose traditional professions and build careers in medicine, pedagogy, economics and others. But everyone can’t be teachers and doctors! For a simple reason: these professions are not suitable for everyone. Some students choose a profession based on a different principle: they find unusual and in-demand specialties, although many have not even heard of … Read more

Higher education in Germany: how to enter the University of Munich after school

Maria, our specialist in higher education in Germany, herself entered the Technical University of Munich, received a scholarship to study and managed to work in a German company while studying. In this article, she shares her experience of studying at a German university. Read to the end – a promotional code for a consultation with Maria awaits … Read more

What awaits students at a British university

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How to move to the USA as a doctor: 4 options

Anastasia , a doctor from Belarus and postdoctoral fellow at the University of New Mexico, talks about medical education in the USA . We will consider the option when you have already graduated from a medical university in the CIS country. This means that you are automatically equated to a medical doctor (MD), so a physician can … Read more

30 Companies Offering Jobs In USA With Visa sponsorship | H1-B visa in the USA

America is a country of business-minded and purposeful people. Many skilled professionals consider working immigration to the United States through the H1-B visa. In total, 65,000 such visas are issued per year, there are approximately four times as many applications, and there is a lottery between them. 65,000 visas is the annual limit. Below is … Read more