30 Companies Offering Jobs In USA With Visa sponsorship | H1-B visa in the USA

America is a country of business-minded and purposeful people. Many skilled professionals consider working immigration to the United States through the H1-B visa. In total, 65,000 such visas are issued per year, there are approximately four times as many applications, and there is a lottery between them. 65,000 visas is the annual limit. Below is a list of the TOP 30 sponsoring companies for obtaining an H1-B visa to the USA.


Work visa 1- B

H1-B is a work visa. You are going to the USA to work, and without a position you will not be able to stay there. This is a good option for people with a sought-after, flexible profession, good specialists and scientists.

1. You have the right to stay in the United States and work for this employer (and no other!) for up to three years. The name of the company where you work is printed directly on the visa itself;
2. After three years, you have the right to file a second petition to extend this period for another three years;
3. After a maximum of six years, you are required to leave the United States if you have not received a GreenCard by then;
4. You do not have the right to work or receive any outside income from another company other than the one registered on your visa. If you are fired, you must find another employer within 14 days who is willing to file a new petition for you;
5. You can change your employer. First you need to find someone new to file the petition for you. This is much easier than getting your very first visa;
6. Members of your family – spouse, minor children – can fly with you and live there. They will not have the right to work there and will have dependent visas – H4.

Requirements for obtaining a US work visa 

1. Higher education – the equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree in the USA;
2. If there is no higher education, they require five years of work in their specialty;
3. An employer who wants to hire you and agrees to sponsor you, file a petition for you and pay the appropriate fees.

Companies that bring foreign workers to the US under H1-B

Most of the companies that win visas and get the opportunity to bring employees to the US are outsourced to India.


Of the top 30 H1-B sponsoring companies in 2016, 13 companies are based in India. There are five European, one Japanese, and the rest from the USA. American companies are not in the top five, and their filing numbers are lower than their Indian counterparts.

Microsoft Corp., which hosts the largest number of foreign workers among US companies, submitted 5,077 applications. But the Indian company Infosys Limited wanted to bring five times more people via H1-B – 25,872 people.

Good news: US companies are still looking for talented employees to bring via H1-B. Microsoft , Google , Amazon , IBM , Intel and Apple submit thousands of applications for foreigners.

The top 30 sponsors of H1-B visas also include the “big four” auditors: Deloitte (UK), Ernst & Young (UK) and KPMG (Netherlands). PwC (UK) fell just short of the top 30, taking 31st place. There are also banks, universities, medical centers, the Walmart supermarket chain , young and dynamic companies like Tesla , Ebay and Paypal .

Top 30 companies that sponsored employees on H1-B visas in 2016

H1B Sponsor Employer Number of petitions
Infosys Limited – Indian 25 872
Capgemini America Inc 16 800
Tata Consultancy Services Limited – Indian 13 420
Wipro Limited – Indian 10,467
Accenture Llp 9 560
IBM India Private Limited – Indian 9 540
Deloitte Consulting Llp 7,737
Tech Mahindra (americas), inc. – Indian 6,760
Microsoft Corporation 5,077
HCL America, Inc. – Indian 4,989
Cognizant Technology Solutions Us Corporation – Indian 4,816
Ernst & Young Us Llp 4,585
Google Inc. 4,479
Amazon Corporate LLC 2,523
Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited – Indian 2 442
IBM Corporation 2 390
Igate Technologies Inc. – Indian 2 197
Syntel Consulting Inc. – Indian 1,883
Ust Global Inc 1,863
L&t Technology Services Limited – Indian 1 850
Intel Corporation 1,689
Hexaware Technologies, Inc. – Indian 1,647
Apple Inc. 1,629
Jpmorgan Chase & Co. 1 614
Deloitte & Touche Llp 1,598
Tech Mahindra (americas), Inc. – Indian 1 355
Ust Global Inc. 1 326
Ntt Data, Inc. 1,274
Kpmg Llp 1 270
Mastech, Inc., A Mastech Holdings, Inc. Company 1 243

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