How to move to another country: a 12-step checklist

Deciding to completely change the scenery of your life is a tough experience. In order not to forget anything and get rid of unnecessary anxiety, we give advice on preparing for the move and the first months of life in another country.


What to do a few months before moving

You won’t be able to pack your suitcase several months before the moving date, but you can cover a large volume of other important matters.

Step 1: Keep Lists

They not only help you not forget anything, but also have a calming effect. Distribute your lists by importance and time. For example, it is better to buy medicines closer to departure, but you can update your wardrobe or buy small items for a new home in advance.

Step 2: Collect documents


If you are planning to move to a country where you need a visa, look at the processing time and collect the necessary documents. For a study or work visa, do not forget to prepare certificates, diplomas and cover letters.

A detailed guide to documents, tips on finding a job, passing an interview, as well as business English can be found in the course “English for working abroad in 2023” .

Be sure to make a power of attorney for your relatives so that you can easily resolve issues at a distance. You will also need translations of certificates, diplomas, and certificates into English. Apply for an international license (through State Services) if you plan to rent or buy a car. Don’t forget to get health insurance.

Step 3: Find a new home

Renting a good apartment for a long time is becoming more and more difficult. For example, in Spain, to rent, you only need a Spanish bank account or work contract, as well as a tax number. What can be done?

  • Monitor long-term rental sites (each country has its own)
  • Find friends who moved there and follow in their footsteps;
  • Hire a realtor;
  • Book a hostel/hotel for the first time, and look for an apartment on the spot;
  • Join Russian-speaking communities on Facebook and Telegram with advertisements for rental housing
  • Go for residential training.

In some countries (for example, the UAE), along with an English course you will receive both accommodation and residency. You can find program options for LinguaTrip international partner schools here .

Step 4: Save, save and save some more

Prices are rising, you need to be realistic and prepared for anything. It’s one thing to have a training program where you can immediately estimate most of the expenses, but unpredictable expenses here and now may not fit into the budget. Start cutting expenses in advance, saving money for a spare card or cash in a piggy bank. It is better to buy currency before moving to another country.

What to do a few weeks before moving

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Step 5: Improve your English and learn about the culture

Set a goal and start learning. Just travel – improve your level, vocabulary, speaking. Study or work – master business English. Pass the exam and confirm your level – prepare for TOEFL or IELTS .

Don’t forget to take into account cultural nuances to avoid getting into an unpleasant situation.

Download a free reminder of 50 phrases for everyday life and speak as much as possible: this way you can improve all aspects of English at once.

Step 6: Freeze or terminate contracts

If you are leaving for a long time, suspend contracts: for wi-fi, for the gym, subscription to online cinemas (they most likely will not work abroad).

Step 7: Heal everything you didn’t have time to do

Medicine in Russia and abroad differs in both quality and price. For example, in Portugal, calling a doctor to your home without insurance costs 100 euros. Therefore, the best solution is to leave healthy with a set of usual medications and medical insurance. If you still get sick abroad, use our mindmap to go to the doctor.

Step 8: Think about the connection

If you want to move to another country for a long time and don’t need a Russian SIM card, you can freeze it or convert it into an electronic e-SIM. This way you can insert a local SIM card, but stay in touch in instant messengers using your old number.

Step 9: Join Moving Chats

They sometimes irritate with the number of messages per minute, but most often they contain real cases, tips and life hacks of people who have already moved. In the first months of life in a new country, this will be more important than ever.

What to do after moving

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Hurray, you did it! The most interesting things are yet to come. Don’t worry or be nervous, but do what will help you assimilate in your new place.

Step 10: Be bold and say “I’m in” to events and meetings

Denial, bargaining and acceptance will bypass you as soon as you find like-minded people and new friends. You can combine business with pleasure and look for friends and partners at networking events.

At Lingua Speaking Club PRO you can develop networking right now. Join the Business Speaking Club and get practice in business English along with new acquaintances.

Step 11: Find out your emergency contacts

The first rule of safety is to know where to call. Ambulance, rescue and police numbers should always be at hand, write them down on a new SIM card. Get to know your neighbors, they can also help in difficult situations.

Step 12: Enjoy

Any move to another country is a challenge. Be proud that you have already made up your mind and stepped out of your usual framework, starting a new chapter. All problems can be solved, and after a black stripe there is always a white one. Remember this, don’t be shy to communicate, then a new cool life won’t keep you waiting long!

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