Top 10 in-demand professions in the UK: who to study for to definitely find a job

We have already written about the most in-demand professions in the United States according to Glassdoor. In this article we will talk about the most popular professions in the UK and the universities where they are taught. And at the end of the article we will give you a promotional code for a consultation on higher education with Repafi experts. 


How the top professions are compiled

One of the world’s largest job search sites, Glassdoor, annually publishes a list of the most in-demand professions in the UK. Glassdoor analysts compile the top based on real reviews from employees that they leave on the site. Three criteria are taken into account:

  • overall employee satisfaction with the profession;
  • number of open vacancies;
  • median annual salary .
The median salary is the amount above and below which the same number of people earn.

For example, a developer at a company receives $1,000 per month, his boss receives $3,000, and a front-end designer receives $800. The average salary is $1,600 and the median is $1,000 because one person is above the developer and earns more than him, and one is below him with a lower salary.

Glassdoor’s 2021 ranking includes 25 professions. We will tell you about the best of them.

#1 Product manager 

Project managers are responsible for creating a product that will solve customers’ problems and that people will buy. The product can be anything: from an iOS application to a new flashlight model.

Project managers understand why a product exists, how it helps people, and how to make it even better. They analyze the audience and its needs, evaluate the profits and losses of the project, and also monitor the fulfillment of business goals.


It’s the most in-demand job in the UK after delivery driver, with more than 22,000 job openings in the UK in 2021, according to Glassdoor . You can work in any company you like: from a local clothing brand to the UN.

How much does he earn?

60,221 £ (~6,300,000 ₽ ) per year

Where to study?

Bachelor’s degree in business, management and related fields. For example, in the management program at the University of St Andrews , whose management school was recognized as the best in Scotland.

Management (Bachelor of Science) at the University of St. Andrews

Duration: 4 years

Cost for an international student per year: £25,100 (~2,625,000 RUR)

In addition to management, students study additional disciplines of their own choosing: from sustainable development to international banking. The university offers scholarships to applicants : from £1,500 to cover the cost of housing to a reduction in tuition fees of £10,000 each year.

#2 Enterprise Architect 

A corporate architecture developer develops a company’s IT platform: it can be an internal platform for employees to communicate with each other or an online store in which the company sells goods and services.

The task of an enterprise architect is to make the platform so that it meets the needs of the company, is convenient and secure.

How much does he earn?

£71,392 per year (~ RUB 7,460,000 )

Where to study?

Architectural developers must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and several years of experience as a programmer. We recommend Bath University with its three-year Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science.

Computer Science (Bachelor of Science, BSc) 

Duration: 3 years

Cost for an international student per year: £23,400 (~2,450,000 RUR)

To enroll, a foreigner needs to confirm their level of English, for example, pass the TOEFL with 90 points or higher. In our article “ Preparing for TOEFL ” we tell you how to score the required score and what common mistakes students make.

How to take TOEFL at home online

Common mistakes in TOEFL

#3 Dentist

Dentists are the third most in-demand profession in the UK. They diagnose and treat diseases of the teeth and gums, conduct regular examinations, and install braces.

Typically, a dentist is in solo practice or works for a small or medium-sized private business. They also provide services to the NHS – National Health Service, the UK’s national health service.

How much does he earn?

£55,500 per year (~5,800,000 ₽ )

Where to study?

You must complete your undergraduate degree from an accredited dental school, such as the University of Glasgow whose undergraduate dental program is ranked in the top five in the UK.

Dentistry (Bachelor of Dental Surgery, BDS) at the University of Glasgow

Duration: 5 years

Cost for an international student per year: £46,950 (~ 4,910,000 ₽)

To obtain a license, in addition to a bachelor’s degree, you need to complete a residency and work in the dental field for several years.

#4 Full Stack Developer

Full stack developers are high-level programmers who create turnkey servers, databases and websites. They write code for internal website systems, layout Internet pages and adapt them for mobile devices. Their main goal is for users to enjoy using the site or application and not have any lags.

How much does he earn?

£45,000 per year (~ RUR 4,700,000 )

Where to study?

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Full-stack developers need to know Javascript and other backend development languages , as well as be familiar with HTML and CSS. This will be taught, for example, at the University of Nottingham .

Computer Science (Bachelor of Science, BSc) at the University of Nottingham

Duration: 3 years

Cost for an international student per year: £23,760 (~RUB 3,530,000)

You can enroll in this program even without programming experience, but if you have it, you can win a scholarship and study cheaper.

The university also offers a scholarship that will reduce tuition fees by 50%. To get it, you need not only to have good grades, but also to write a strong motivation letter. We tell you how to compile it in order to get in on the first try during individual consultations .

How to write a motivation letter for study: tips and examples
How to write a competent letter of recommendation

#5 Sales Manager

Such managers lead the sales team – together with their subordinates, they create customer bases and strategies that will stimulate the company’s sales. They hire and train new employees, and they are responsible for ensuring that the team meets KPIs. In the best traveling salesman tradition, sales managers travel frequently, Glassdoor notes.

You can work in a variety of companies. At the time of publication of the rating, there are more than two thousand vacancies open on Glassdoor in online schools, technology and technical companies – there is plenty to choose from!

How much does he earn?

£50,000 per year (~ RUB 5,230,000 )

Where to study?

Sales management is a cross-disciplinary profession, so people interested in this position will need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field. In addition to education, experience in sales is required.

We recommend the University of Bristol and its Business and Management program. Bristol students study management practice, marketing and finance, and can personalize their degree with electives ranging from business law to human resources management.

Business and Management (Bachelor of Science, BSc) at the University of Bristol

Duration: 3 years

Cost for an international student per year: £20,100 (~2,100,000 RUR)

#6 Mobile Application Developer

In a world where everyone uses smartphones, mobile app developers are especially in demand. They design, code, test and run software for smartphones and other mobile devices. Often such developers specialize in one operating system: for example, they write only for Android or only for iOS.

They usually work in a team with other programmers, designers, developers, and analysts.

How much does he earn?

£50,602 per year (~ RUB 5,290,000 )

Where to study?

Like other programmers and IT specialists, mobile engineers need a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and experience in the field. You can choose a program from the University of Birmingham Birmingham University ) – 93% of its graduates find work in their specialty after graduation, including in companies such as HP, Goldman Sachs, Honda and IBM.

Computer Science (Bachelor of Science, BSc) at the University of Birmingham

Duration: 3 years

Cost for an international student per year: £23,400 (~2,450,000 RUR)

#7 Tax manager 

In the UK, income tax, which every citizen pays, is subject to a progressive tax rate – the more you earn, the higher the tax rate. In addition, according to the law, part of the taxes is paid by the citizen himself, and part by the employer. A tax manager, a person who knows how to properly prepare and submit documents, helps you understand the intricacies of this system.

Tax managers may be in private practice or work for consulting firms.

How much does he earn?

£58,000 per year (~6,066,000 RUR )

Where to study?

A tax manager is a person with an education in accounting, business, economics or finance. In addition, many companies only hire managers with a state license to practice accounting – this can be obtained after several years of work in the field and an exam.

Becoming a tax manager is not easy, but you can start by studying undergraduate programs in the desired specialties, for example, Accounting and Finance at Queen Mary University of London .

Accounting and Finance (Bachelor of Science, BSc) at Queen Mary University of London 

Duration: 3 years

Cost for an international student per year: £20,850 (~2,180,000 RUR)

#8 Cloud Engineer

Such engineers work in cloud technologies. You might have come across them when you uploaded files to Yandex.Disk or Google.Drive and shared the link with friends.

The principle is this: data is uploaded to the server, and a link to it can be sent to any device for public access. The text you are reading now was created in the cloud service – thanks to Google Docs, the author and editor had access to it simultaneously.

How much does he earn?

£55,000 per year (~ RUB 5,750,000 )

Where to study?

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and related fields. For example, in the engineering specialty Computing at Imperial College London Imperial College of London ).

This program is also designed for those who have never programmed. Subjects include an introduction to computer systems and databases, mathematics and logic.

Computing (Bachelor of Engineering, BEng) at Imperial College London

Duration: 3 years

Cost for an international student per year: £33,750 (~RUB 3,530,000)

#9 Commercial Manager 

Commercial managers in companies control business development processes: from concluding new client contracts to developing marketing strategies and campaigns. Their responsibilities overlap with the responsibilities of a sales manager (fifth on our list), but a commercial manager, in addition to clients, builds relationships with other businesses – suppliers of raw materials, contractors and other partners.

How much does he earn?

£56,206 per year (~ RUB 5,880,000 )

Where to study?

Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Administration. A Bachelor of Arts degree in the desired specialty can be obtained at the University of York University of York ).

Business and Management (Bachelor of Arts, BA) at the University of York

Duration: 3 years

Cost for an international student per year: £18,350 (~RUB 1,920,000)

#10 Business Development Manager

Business development managers are hired when an existing business needs to find new opportunities for growth. They often work closely with sales managers. Together they find potential clients, hold meetings and enter into agreements on commercially profitable cooperation.

How much does he earn?

£45,542 per year (~ RUB 4,760,000 )

Where to study?

Business development managers need at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration, business management, finance, accounting, marketing or a related field. One such program is Business Studies at the University of Stirling .

Business Studies (Bachelor of Arts, BA) at the University of Stirling 

Duration: 3 years

Cost for an international student per year: £15,100 (~RUB 1,580,000)

We would really like to tell you in one article everything about the best university programs in the UK and how to apply to them the first time, and even with a scholarship. But there is so much information that a book would be published in several volumes. 

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