Universities In USA With Your Dream residence

Modern universities do everything to make their residences attractive to students. American universities have succeeded remarkably in this: they make them so that you will completely forget that you live in a dorm. Let’s talk about Dream Dorms, the coolest residences in American universities. 


Florida Gulf Coast University

Hammocks, swimming pools, views of the bay – this is why 80% of university freshmen choose to live on campus at Florida Gulf Coast University. There is also waterfront access, fire pits, a movie theater, large kitchens and spacious study areas. No, we haven’t confused anything, this is still a university campus in Florida.

High Point University

The university residence is consistently ranked among the top five in the United States for its extraordinary nature. It’s hard to call it a hostel – it’s more of a sports and fitness complex with a huge selection of activities. Two full-size basketball courts, a modern fitness center, several climbing walls, rope routes… Students say that there is a lot of personal space for studying, they say, there is no need to go to the library, everything is at hand. In a word, simply swanky dorms – luxurious hostels.

Scripps College

Do you think American residences resemble mansions? Wait, you haven’t seen Scripps College yet! What will a student find here? Chill on the balconies with a gorgeous view. Fountains in the university courtyard. Luxurious furniture, carpets and even a piano in the residences. And also sun-drenched spaces, palm trees, sun loungers. In general, 100% student vibe.

Johnson University

When not studying, eating famous barbecue, and attending all kinds of concerts typical of Tennessee, Johnson University students enjoy life in one of the best residences in the United States. Most rooms with Internet and private bathroom are designed for two people, but there are also single rooms. In addition to excellent conditions, there is one more thing: the cost of tuition is half that of most private universities. Students love Johnson University for its cool residences and excellent combination of price and quality.


Washington University

The university residence is quickly becoming not just a dorm for students, but a second home. It’s all about comfortable rooms and study areas. The brand new infrastructure allows for music and team sports. And the university campus itself is located in St. Louis – a small city, but with big city opportunities.

Bryn Mawr

The concept of Bryn Mawr is very different from classical universities. Here are simple and comfortable living spaces, where every element is carefully thought out by designers.

The Bryn Mawr residence hall features modern architecture, but it is every bit as impressive as the centuries-old Gothic-style campuses.

Regent University

It’s easy to lose yourself in Regent University’s modern, fully equipped residences. The university has two spacious residences with large kitchens, a sports complex, and a barbecue area in a luxurious park. The university is located in the coastal city of Virginia Beach, and its territory is 70 acres. Why not a dream?

Santa Clara University

A cozy hotel room is what dorm rooms at Santa Clara University are like. It is distinguished by an interesting policy for residents: all students are members of one of eight communities with their own themes and events. Some campuses are located in the center of Silicon Valley, with easy driving access to the beaches of San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

Rice University

In addition to cool living conditions, the university attracts students with access to HBO and the ability to donate their clothes to the laundry through the application. Upon check-in, students receive a laundry bag with a barcode that allows them to track the entire path of their clothes from the laundry to their room in the residence.

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