How to go to college and find a job in Canada

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The safest states and cities in the USA

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Universities In USA With Your Dream residence

Modern universities do everything to make their residences attractive to students. American universities have succeeded remarkably in this: they make them so that you will completely forget that you live in a dorm. Let’s talk about Dream Dorms, the coolest residences in American universities.  Florida Gulf Coast University Hammocks, swimming pools, views of the bay … Read more

How to Prepare for the GRE Exam

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How to Learn Words for the GRE Exam

The GRE exam is taken by everyone who wants to enroll in an American university, except those applying for law. The exam consists of two main parts: mathematical and verbal. You need to prepare thoroughly, the tasks are difficult even for native English speakers.  The words used in test questions are extremely rare in real … Read more